Project Advisory & Sale

Marketing a newly build project requires early planning and effective positioning in the competitive market. Our team has the necessary know-how to strategically plan, carry out market analysis, understand and communicate to the target audience – maximizing sales results!

Target group analysis

  • Target group analysis
    We help you to analyse and identify your audience in order to increase the visibility and sales of your project.


  • Competitor analysis
    We help you identify other projects and how these directly compete for the share of the market and where your project can fit in the overall market.

Price analysis and profitability goals

  • Price analysis and profitability goals
    We analyse the market and project attributes to assist you in maximising profits, increasing sales volume and matching competitor´s prices.


  • Branding
    Together with a specialised partner, we assist you in creating the brand for your project, creating business value for your project and a strong impression on your buyers.


  • Communication concept
    We assist you in defining a communication concept and strategy with the overall goal to capture audiences interest and generate sales for your project.

Advisory on room layout

  • Advisory on room layout
    Our team of experts advise you on determining the best layouts and the best solutions for your project to maximise sales