Is it the best move to sell your home without a real estate agent?

Consider the facts:

Pricing – What is the realistic price of your home? Do you know the market? - Real estate agents know the local markets and understand trends and the relationship between supply and demand. They're aware of new developments and can more precisely predict market trends.  

Marketing – Real estate agents know how to implement a strategic marketing plan for your property. An agent knows how to highlight your property's best features and how to translate this into the best possible price. This also means targeting the right potential buyer groups.

Client screening – Owners don't have the time to screen and follow up with potential clients. Agents proof clients´ financial capacity and provide owners with certainty before accepting any offer. Owners should not waste time with unqualified buyers.

Problem solving - Complications can arise during the process of selling a home, agents bring in their experience and provide solutions that owners would not be aware of. With an agent, owners have peace of mind and assurance during the entire process.

Negotiation – Can an owner leave their emotional attachment aside whilst negotiating the sale of their house, can they bare criticism? In the sales process, agents bring in the mastered skills of negotiation obtained through years of working in the field. Real estate agents do not approach the negotiation of the sale of a home emotionally, which owners may struggle to do.

Professional consultation - A real estate agent has a huge network ranging from architects, lawyers, to property maintenance specialists, etc. Owners may be saved a considerable amount of time with an agent's advice on things like home improvements or legal issues and will seek out and provide the best options.

Trying to sell your property without the experience required or proper skills and tools will not save money or time, and an uniformed choice can ultimately result in loss.