Checklist – Our tips to prepare your home to sell

Here is a list of essentials:

Small repairs - Does your front door need a coat of paint? Remember, the front door is the first thing people will see. Repair or replace rusted hardware. Replace light bulbs, and ensure switches work properly.

Reduce, edit - Buyers should see the actual space of your property and be able to envision their own furniture in the space. Removing clutter will make small spaces appear larger.

Repaint - Remember, your favourite colours may not be the favourites of a potential buyer. Neutral colours are timeless and make it easier for buyers to envision how the spaces will look when they move in.

Clean and tidy - take special care of things that are easily overlooked like sanitary units, and windows. A home which is looked after and loved will hold more appeal to a buyer.

Think green - Placing plants will help make clients feel more welcome and make a home more comfortable. A healthy plant shows a healthy environment.

Consider home staging - Furniture can be used as a strong marketing tool and can help sell your home more quickly. Home staging allows buyers to see an ideal setting and better imagine living in a property.

Visualisations - It often makes sense to work with digital visualisations. This is especially useful if you want to show what the property could look like after a renovation. Visualisations help potential buyers to better imagine the potential of a property.