A smile - all the way

Three women. Three mothers. Three different careers in real estate. Together we decided to bundle our strengths and abilities and found our own real estate company.

Pooling our skills and resources allows us to work towards the common goals of providing exceptional client service.

What unites us is our passion for the real estate business, but also our ambition to go further for our clients. We are convinced that our commitment should be as personal as your individual real estate needs.

This is what we are committed to - all the way.


Carla Neves

Carla's strengths lie in property sales/acquisition and marketing strategies.

Due to her excellent leadership qualities and previous experience, she knows how to successfully lead a company in the real estate world.

She loves the work with our search clients to find and match them to the right property. She can identify rapidly their needs and requirements.

She feels at home in the International market.  

Previous experience and characteristics:

  • over 20 years of extensive experience in the real estate field - in management and as a real estate consultant for first and second homes and for international new build projects
  • Close work with international clients at home and abroad
  • Excellent leadership and team building skills

Charisma, empathy, motivation, ability to work in a team, very good knowledge of human nature and diplomacy are Carla's other attributes.


Sandra Horn

Sandra immediately recognises the potential in every single property, whether newly planned or whatever the year of construction and standards of finish, she knows how to implement and communicate this in a value-optimising way.
She is very efficient and very precise in her work. As a result, she convinces our owners with skill, integrity and negotiating strength to sell their homes with optimal results.
Sandra is our new build project expert. She loves the exchange with architects and investors equally and thanks to her many years of experience in the architecture industry, it is an inevitable win-win situation.
Previous experiences and characteristics:
  • Design, planning and construction management for dental practices, clinics and high-quality single-family homes and apartments
  • Many years of successful property sales and acquisition as a senior real estate consultant
Sandra has strong negotiation skills, is efficient, success-oriented and persistent and yet authentic and very likeable to everyone.


Sandra Stierle

Sandra is our creative mind.
She loves aesthetics and design. As a graduate interior designer, she knows how to "live beautifully", always under the premise that it must be just as functional.
Sandra is a true organisational talent. She has an extensive network and always manages to have "an open ear" for everyone.
Her positive attitude makes both search customers and owners feel welcome!
Previous experiences and characteristics:
  • 12 years of experience in interior design and living concepts
  • Company founder for children's home accessories
  • successful sale of real estate as a real estate agent
Time management, creativity, communication, emotional competence, conflict management and teamwork are Sandra's absolute strengths.